I went through my past posts, they are really funny.

I posted about stupid and useless stuffs. Ohwells.

I grow up liao 😀

&! There’s really a great problem about it.
I KEEP TYPO-ING! That is freaking terrible.
It’s either I have a lot of spelling mistake, words in wrong orders
or my sentence just doesn’t make sense.
It’s driving me NUTS.
Irritating sial. >:(


Ooh, and I got lost in Yishun today. How cool .
Took 811 but forgot to alight the bus.
Then I end up outside Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School . O.o
Asked for help,
but it’s clever enough to bring myself out, ok with helps from
friend 😀 .
But atleast I know how to go AISS liao 😀

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