I wanna try to do a summary post at the end of this year.
This is for the year 2015 !

How time flies, I can still remember the post I did for 2014
and what was in it.
Actually it is mathematically proven that, the older your are,
time past “quicker” as each year is a fraction “smaller as compared to the previous”.

Say you’re 8 YO in 2015, the year 2015 will be only 1/8 of your entire life.
Whereas, if you’re 30 in 2015, 2015 will be only 1/30 of your entire life.
Imagine when you’re 80.  Plus. when we’re older we have more responsibilities and
things to occupy our minds, so time seems to pass faster.


2015 was good I guess. On top of that it’s rather eventful too.

1. I got a boyfrienddddd !
A very tall and annoying one, but he’s nice to me sometimes so that’s that.
We’re gonna be together for a year too ! Soon soon. Heh.

Call him Xiangy.
Xiangy’s too cool for decent looking


Woots, 3 cheers for me.
I can’t wait to graduate since the first day of class in SP.
It’s sooooooo far. And its just.. not exciting.
SP isn’t as fun as NP and my mind was mostly on another
I didn’t have a CCA either, and I skipped orientation so
I wasn’t as close to the other classmates as I would like to.
I don’t stay back for stuff, I rush straight out of school once
classes end. So yep, poly life wasn’t as fun as I’d like it.

But I still graduated with a few close friends. We’re hilarious.

Nicole graduated too !

She’s the boss of the group. Qian Yu !

LiYing !

Siew May !

Angela and Mandy !


Naturally, I have the worst result among the rest, thanks to all the sleeping in class
and not studying/paying attention. I really should’ve studied >< .

3. I went to Bangkok, twice, within a month.
First with Nicole, JiaQin, WeePeng and MingWei, then with Xiangy.
Argh, all the cheap cloths, food and the feeling of being out of Singapore = SHIOK.

Strengthened my believe of “running away”.
The world is just too beautiful for us to stay in one place all our lives. 
In 2015, I went out of the country a few other times, Malaysia. 
I went to Legoland with Xiangy ! I’m too lazy to upload the photos.
4. Cirque Du Soleil – Totem 
I’ve never been any happier to work at any other places. 
I can safely say, working at Totem for that short 1 month was one of the BEST
experience of my life. Plus, meeting so many like-minded people I now call friends.
It was sooooooo fun I don’t know how to explain.

All these beautiful photos of the performance was
taken by a fellow colleague who’s a photographer.

I really miss them and miss the circus )’: and all the good looking angmohs.
I’m really glad t have all these memories.
5. I enrolled in to SIM-UOL Business and Management.
It is one of the many things I jumped right into without giving much thoughts.
I have never ever ever struggled so much and felt so stressed up by studies.
University, or maybe it’s just UOL, is not something I can just sleep through
classes and expect to pass ! And this time, not passing comes with a hefty price
to pay. Literally. I would need to repeat the entire module if I failed and sit for the
exam next year. Adding years to my Uni life.
If I can pass everything all the time, I would be able to graduate by 2018.
If you’re reading this, no matter what God you believe in, please add me into 
your prayers. T.T My exams will be on May. And I didn’t take Amaths in sec school
so there’s a lot of things I’m learning from scratch. I don’t ask for much, I just wanna graduate.
I cannot disappoint my parents. *cries under stress*
That’s about the main things that happened in 2015 I guess.
At least these are the ones I remember off hand. 
All’s good. 

I still believe strongly what I believed in if not more.
Like religious believes, principles and all.
2015’s ok for me but it’s not ok for many other people at other parts of the
We have more and more terrorist attacks, ISIS.
More hates against the Muslim.
The huge increase of refugees, people forced to leave their homes.
Campus shooting incidents.
Retards running for Presidency. 
There are people that still actually thinks Global Warming is a conspiracy.
Everything’s going downhill for humanity and the world .

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