I was browsing for a new blogskin recently (cause Im bored with this) on
blogskin.com. I still wanted something as simple as this but less plain.
So I was looking and looking until I found one I thought was not bad.
After previewing the layout, then I realise the layout is actually the
one I’m using right now. I think that means no changing of layout again.

(Meanwhile I changed from desktop to laptop to continue the post, didnt like the keyboard.
Not that you need to know. Just saying. )

I scrolled through my previous posts, I realized some times I don’t even make
sense to myself due to my typo. I think I should start reading through before I click publish.
That is not the only thing I realised. I realized that I haven’t been posting anything intelligent
recently ! That is unacceptable. I was purely posting with out pretty much thinking and
reflection. (At least for the previous 2 posts )Totally defeats the purpose of having a blog. Lol.
So here I am gonna do a little bit of reflection for this year.

It’s been 1 year as a Cadet Inspector for me * cheers * ! I have to say this 1 year, I’ve been most
active in NPCC of my entire NP life. I’ve seen many many many posts on facebook theying telling
others how time flies and they are already of X years of CI and thanking people here and there.
Actually, yup, we have to be grateful to the people around us who had guided us, taught us, and
even put us in troubles. I strongly believe that everyone around us is there for a reason, be it that
you like the person or hate that person to the core. Everything good or bad that happens have a
learning point. It can be something life changing or something very small like receiving a smile
from the stranger on a MRT train. They are all points that can be learnt or points that reminds
you something you had learnt or knew all along.

I’m not sure if I’m making sense. Heck .

I’ve been thinking ..
As a CI , is passion enough to uphold your rank as one or you have to have and be
good at all the necessary knowledge ? Hmmm …
Someone can have a lot of passion for this CCA, but is so terrible that really can’t
do much more than a cadet. To be fair, there are those that are really proficient in all aspect
of NP but doesn’t have the passion to serve wholeheartedly anymore ..

Since I’m the topic … Why is there a groups within this CCA ? One particulat group
disliking another group ? This is quite a sensitive topic, I dare not continue. Lol .

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense up there.

Learnt a lot from the days I’ve spent in the handphone shop. Good and bad things.
I’ve learnt that … don’t trust people that does business LOL .
Had a lot of eye opening experience. Well, at least now I am pretty confident I
won’t get cheated when I buy phones. Not saying that … :X
Despite having a rather nice boss and a very slack second boss, I am still looking
forward to leave that place. :/ Hmmmmm .
Yes, I earn good enough money from doing what I am good at (hphones) and
basically have to do nothing else, but because of reasons I wanna leave.

It’s a bore. Except for Sports For Life, I like sport climbing.
I’m always late too. Hope that can change. HAH.

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