Ahhh , miss this place .

it’s not my fault that I don’t update often,
or update at all .
Firstly , I feel extremely awkward sharing my
daily routine and what I did during the day, here .
I’m afraid of stalkers you know ?
Especially those that wanna know where your location is .

Talking about locations ,
don’t the people using foursquare or the Facebook
” where-you-are-thingy” creepy ?
It’s like , you’re like telling EVERYONE where you are.
Won’t that person feel uncomfortable ?

Ooh wait, now I understand why they do that .
I think their mentality must be :
Liddat police know where to start their investigation .
Smart .

This bring me back to my second point why this
blog lacks of updates .
It’s because I’m so random I can hardly keep track
of my own thoughts .
I can he happily talking about one topic and
suddenly end up talking about something else ,
and most of the time I will forget what I wanted to say .
So, ya .

Bye . Will post something else soon ?

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