Okay , I changed my mine .
Shall blog about something before I go to bed.

Before I start I shall list down the 2 point I want
to blog about before I continue as I am very
sure that I will side track and even forget about
what I wanted to say .

1 : Old couple wearing couple tees .
2 : Friendship problems ?

May I know what one Earth is wrong with old couples wearing
couple tees out together with their kids?
How does that even “disgust” you . Wtf ?

I think it’s kinda sweet !
Imagine you’ve been with a person long enough and the
thought of doing something funny/ special together
doesn’t seem “unnecessary” or “troublesome“.
Yeah , I know .
This does not concern me at all .
But knowing this kind pf person exist in the society I live
in saddens me .
Actually a lot of things happening in the ugly society we live
in now saddens me .

Oohwells .

I should totally be sleeping and I’m still hungry …

I believe everyone have experienced friendship problems or at
least heard of them .

Well , yesh , I know she is or was your best friend but she now
prefers to go hang out with this another person ,
A BIG FUSS OVER IT ?! Just get over it .
You friend is just your friend , she is not your property and
no body snatched/stole your friend .
Your friend has a brain of her own which gives her to
ability to think and decide .
You don’t have to cry/ fight with each other calling each other
betrayer because of this .

I’ve always find this kind of quarrell about friendship and stuff
(Blah blah blah friend A has not talk to me for a day but spoke
to X .) stupid .

Urgh , gosh .
Good night .

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