Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking.
Random random thoughts.
Random in a sense that the issue has always been there, just that I didn’t pay much attention.
Or in a sense that I’ve suddenly noticed or realized things in a way I have never done before.
Deep, I know . (;

One common issue on many female’s mind of my age is relationships.
Troubling over disappointing boyfriends and crying over broken trust.
The drama just go on and on and on.
I definitely have went through that, I can’t say all, but some, enough.
Enough to know that, nothing last, sadness and hurt included.
Wounds will heal and trust will grow again. No matter what.
What I am trying to say is that, no matter how sad you are, no matter how
hard you fell, you’re still alive .
As long as you’re alive , all unhappiness will pass.
Bad memories remains but they will fade, happy memories will  cover them up.
You can forget or at least not think about it.
Use those unhappy things as fertilizers, to grow something more beautiful in the future.

You are not alone, and it is not the end of the world yet.
Don’t make things look like they are.

This universe is HUGE, unimaginably HUGE.
Bad things happen everyday, EVERYWHERE.
What happened to you is, and CANNOT be the worse.
You are tiny, your problem is nothing.

Just look at the bright side , can’t do that ?
Compare yourself to those in greater trouble.
(Not in the looking down on others manner, mind you.)
Tell yourself, at least I’m not starving to death and I have a warm shelter over
my head.
Or that ex of yours only broke your heart and not killed your entire family
like some dear friend did in California.

This Universe is huge, it can be more ugly than your scariest nightmare.
It is also the most beautiful thing more than you can imagine.

No, this post does not have a point. ._.

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