Before I start, I have to say, I do not believe in gender equality.
Yup, do not.

Recently, especially while surfing tumblr, I noticed a lot
of post regarding #yesallwomen.
I realised it’s triggered by happenings of some similar cases.

Boy was rejected by a girl(which he killed)
to be his prom date. (She had a BF)./
No body wants to sleep with him.

No it’s not the same guy, no, it’s not the same case.
Let me find the articles for you.
Rejected Prom Guy  
Killing spree guy

This is so damn wrong in all ways.
Why do these crazy people find themselves so entitlted
to “owning” or having girls to like them ?
We were not made to satisfy your needs or to cure your loniless.
Excuse me, we are human beings.
I used to wonder when what people meant when they say
“objectifying women” I think I know what it means now.

Killing is wrong, no matter what.
It is taking a way a person’s rights to live and to experience
their remaining life. All the happiness, the sorrows, the excitement
that they were meant to feel. No body have the right to do that on purpose.

” When parents teach their daughters to be careful around dark
alleys and how to protect themselves, shouldn’t they be teaching their
sons on the proper way of behavior ? “

What’s more disturbing is that there are people that
actually thinks that when girls
dress “inappropriately” DESERVE to be raped.
Sorry, people can walk in the street naked and still don’t deserve to
be raped.

Are you trying to tell me when a shop puts their items in the
display cabinet without locking it down with chains and locks
are asking for their things to be stolen?
(Just an analogy, not comparing people to objects.)
Stupid right ?

Enough of that.

To explain why I said I DO NOT believe in gender equality:
I don’t think it’s possible.
We are made different for a reason.
Which do not mean at all anyone of us should be looked down upon.
Instead, as human beings (or any animal), mutual respect should be there.
As long as girls are expected to wear skirt and guys wearing dress is
a norm, I don’t think it is possible.
As long as guys are expected to be gentlemanly and ladies to be lady like.
Nah, it won’t happen.

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