Let’s make a bucket list.
No, a to do list.
I’m gonna do them as soon as possible,
not just before I die.

I won’t be as lively and energetic as I am now.
Doing things before I die will be a little too late.

Do what you want, what you can now.
Cause if not now, then when ?

Talking about bucket list,
I remember once a friend told me how he gets pissed
off when people talks about bucket lists.
He say it’s so impractical ?
He thinks that people should just … live their lives ?
(Of course I’m pissed off with what he said.)

That’s not me.
I cannot, and will not bow down to fate.
I do what I can to achieve what I want.
I work hard towards what I want, what I believe I deserve.
I will not just settle with whatever is thrown at me.
I will use what’s thrown at me, use the best out of it,
and use it as a stepping stone to get what I want.

I will not settle with a mundane life.
I’m going out to see things and live lives.
As difficult as it may be,
I’m not gonna stop trying.
Cause every step I take, is another step closer.

Let’s make the list.

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